How to Prepare and Care for Newborn Twins

What Is Expecting Twins?

Expecting Twins helps expectant moms on preparing and caring for twins.

You might feel terrified and overwhelmed at the idea of carrying and raising twins. Or you don't know other twin moms and feel alone in my journey. Maybe most of the information you find only scares you further. And you're wondering how you'll ever care for or afford twins, especially when you don't know what's in store.

I created Expecting Twins because I want to give you all the tools and resources you need to prepare for your twins' arrival in one convenient place. This online guide is designed to take the overwhelming amount of information available and break it down into an easy-to-follow process.

After all, in a few weeks or months, you're going to be a parent of TWINS. You have questions this guide can answer. And you absolutely have the ability to rock this twin parenting thing. Join Expecting Twins and get the information, guidance and community you need as you prepare for your twins.

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What You’ll Learn:

How It Works

This online guide includes reading material, videos and transcripts, assignments and a workbook. All the material is available online through a member-only site.

Expecting Twins also includes a private Facebook group for parents of twins and a lifetime membership with access to all future course updates and bonuses.


Who Is Expecting Twins for?

Our ideal members...

Just received the news of their twin pregnancy who need guidance through these next several months. You just found out you’re having twins and have no idea what to do or expect. You want to make the right choices but feel overwhelmed with too much information.

Are midway through their delivery date and want to learn how to care for twins. You’re already in the thick of pregnancy and dread the last minute details as well as the physical and emotional strain of your growing belly.

Want to develop friendships and find support from pregnancy and beyond their twins’ early years with fellow twin moms.

Class Curriculum

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Available in days
days after you enroll

Enter your email below to get 3 FREE preview lessons!

Your Instructor

Nina Garcia
Nina Garcia

Hi, I’m Nina, mom to three boys and the parenting blogger behind Sleeping Should Be Easy. I’ve been blogging for six years about parenting, family life, and life with twins.

I also wrote Parenting with Purpose: How to Raise Well-Behaved Children and Build a Strong Parent-Child Relationship, which earned five stars on Amazon and continues to inspire readers to engage in mindful parenting. My second book, How to Sleep Train Twins: The Ultimate Guide has helped hundreds of twin parents get the sleep they and their families need.


What people have said about my mini-course, Bringing Home Twins:

“The course had lots of practical information and the assignments were helpful.”

“The emails were very funny and full of practical advice. I just had my twins 2 weeks ago. I laughed and cried reading the emails! They are so true. Thank you for this.”

“Very informative and helpful for a clueless new mom.”

“We are really enjoying it! I appreciate the length of the lessons because it feels substantive. Thank you for all the info. It really has been a blessing for us as we set our expectations for bringing home the babies in the fall. Thank you for offering these!”

What people have said about me and my books:

Parenting with Purpose:

"Nina has a fantastic calm and understanding way of reminding us that purposeful parenting isn't perfect parenting. This is a must read!" -Jill

"Nina is a treasure chest full of wonderful parenting advice. Her book includes tactics on communicating with your child and preventing/diffusing tantrums." -Allison

"As with her blog, Nina writes very much from a gentle parenting perspective, putting the needs of your child first and reminding us of the actual definition of discipline and how building stronger connections sits at the heart of this." -Rachael

How to Sleep Train Twins:

"I’m so glad I came across your guide! We have 12-month-old b/g twins. She was a great sleeper but he was dreadful and from about nine months we somehow ended up with both in bed with us every night after midnight…They both sleep like hibernating bears! It has revolutionized my life. Now I feel a bit guilty that I was actually torturing the poor darlings by not doing it sooner. My boy is a completely different kid. Always happy, eats better, his coordination and strength has improved dramatically. I can’t believe the difference. Thank you so much for changing all our lives.” -Alyson

"Started the program last night. Incredible success. My twins are 8 months and pretty used to the swaddling rocking routine so I was skeptical. Yes, to hear them cry is tough and you want to rush in but when it stops, they are so relaxed. I woke up today refreshed and ready to tackle my day. They just woke up and in the best moods. A happy day in this house. Thank you." -Daniel

"We sleep trained our 5 month old twin boys 2 weeks ago and they did wonderful. Before sleep training we were putting them to bed at 10pm, swaddled, with pacifiers and running in their room every hour to rock and put pacifiers back in mouths. We also fed them at 3am every night. I was literally getting about 3 hours of sleep each night and working 50 hours/week at my job. After sleep training, they were sleeping from 7pm-630am in sleep sacks, no pacifiers, no more rocking to sleep and no more night feedings. It was AMAZING!! This sleep training really does work!!" -Natalie

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